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Naming is our Business.

FastName Media is a "naming" company focused on digital property, in particular domain name acquisition, resale, speculation, & development. Capitalizing on an integrated combination of marketing principles, Internet expertise, and business foresight, FastName has positioned itself ahead of the curve in new venture start-up, branding, & marketability by securing a valuable portfolio of .com domain names for both resale and in-house development.

Name Investment

In today's environment where it is difficult to find that perfect .com for your business, smart companies turn to FastName Media to assist in making a one-time investment to secure that coveted domain name. After this initial investment, annual registration fees fall to below $10 thus making your one-time investment a sound business decision. In fact, naming is one of the keys to any brand whether it be a company, product or service. Securing your perfect .com domain name is crucial to the long-term viability of your Internet strategy. 


Not interested in investing in an already registered domain name or like the rush of uncovering that unregistered "gem"? We can assist here also. Each day, we find valuable non-registered domains available for registration using creativity, insight, intelligence, and expertise. If "namestorming" sounds more in line with your desires, be confident in your efforts and with time, good fortune, and creative intelligence, you will find success in the .com treasure hunt.

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If you are interested in a domain name owned by FastName, please visit our Top Rated Domains Marketplace. Or if you are interested in using FastName to secure or negotiate a domain on your behalf or assist in "namestorming" with or for you, please Contact Us.

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